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Make your event in Marbella a grand success and the talk of the town with the magic mirror booth from Posh Entertainment.

So what is the magic mirror all about?

The magic mirror booth is a stunningly designed, open style photo booth that takes high-definition photographs and prints. Once our team sets it up, your guests need to simply pick up some props and get ready for a fantastic time posing and getting clicked.

It’s a stylish two-way mirror that not only looks beautiful but packs in a powerful punch with its state-of-the-art software, interactive touchscreen and fantastic features. And it produces studio quality prints in a matter of seconds.

So why should you choose this photo booth for your wedding, party or corporate event in Marbella? Let’s explore!

Your Prestige, Our Pride

An Entertainment System Your Event Deserves

The magic mirror booth is a far better option compared to hiring a photographer in Marbella. Not only is a photographer expensive but there’s not much of an interactive experience he can offer.

He certainly can’t entertain your guests while taking pictures (unless he’s dressed as a clown)! Even the best photographers are no match for the interactive features and benefits that this nifty technology offers.

In fact, this is the only entertainment option you need to consider for your event. Here are 5 reasons why:

 /1/ Memorable

The guests are more likely to keep the photos. So, your event will be one they remember for years to come.

/3/ Live illustration

The magic mirror will allow guests to take pictures with celebrities, football stars or even Santa Clause. It will be a fully interactive appearance that’ll feel as good as real. So your guests will feel like the Santa (or the celebrity) is right beside them for real! Your guests will be excited, entertained and will have a memorable time while taking a little souvenir (their picture) home!

/5/ personalised keepsake

These are real photos. They won’t be sitting idle on a hard drive or on a Facebook page that people never go back to. These photos are most likely to be placed next to a mirror, a fridge, or a frame.

/2/ Perfect ice breaker

The magic mirror offers oodles of entertainment. It’s a light-hearted, fun addition at the start of your event while people are still shy and are getting to know each other.

/4/ perfect for business events

Let’s say, you are organising an open house. Brokers visit such events regularly and they are all more or less the same! By installing our magic mirror at your event, you can make your event special, interactive and entertainment.

It’s an interesting and fun attraction at the beginning, while people are just starting to gather. People like taking photographs and the mirror itself makes this process easy and fun.

What’s more, by personalising the frame of the photo, you can provide crucial information such as your business name, website, phone number, etc.


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